ZUMBA: A fusion of Latin and international music/dance themes that creases a dynamic, exciting dance class. Suitable for all fitness levels 

PILATES: A workout that improves flexibility, builds strength and balance, develops control and endurance in the entire body. It emphasises alignment, breathing, development of a strong core and improving coordination. 

BOXING CIRCUIT: a cardio boxing based class with pads and gloves, plus a circuit that is designed to improve your strength and fitness. A great mix or cardio, core strength and resistance work. 

BARRE ATTACK: a dynamic fusion of Pilates, ballet and fitness. Low impact, high intensity workout using the ballet barre, bands and balls.

YOGA: A powerful form of yoga, fluidly moving from one pose to to the next, while connecting the breath, followed by relaxation and meditation 

ZUMBA STRONG: a non dance class, including high intensity interval training set to music. This class will get you fit fast.

BUNGEE: a new type of workout that is dominating the fitness industry and we are the first with a studio in Sydney! The classes offer high-intensity workouts that are perfect for toning, improving flexibility and general fitness. These bungee classes are ideal for every fitness level with variations of exercises available for differing difficulties